What We Have Been Doing Recently....

June marked the end of a great spring season. We facilitated programs in Yangshuo, Beijing, and many other places across China. Each program unfolded a bit differently, but every trip left students with a valuable experience. In Yangshuo, students took part in abseiling, rock climbing, trekking, and orienteering. Many students camped at our base camp near the ancient village of Fenglou.  Guizhou was host to incredible cultural learning experiences that included a day-hike to a village in a cave, as well as vertical activities that included abseiling and rock climbing. Our Beijing and Zhejiang programs hosted more traditional outdoor adventure and team-building activities that left lasting impressions on younger students. This spring was also the first year we operated programs in Hong Kong and due to their great success we expect more programs to be facilitated there in the future.


Following the end of our spring season all of our staff went through the Alpine Climbing Development Institute (ACDI) guide certification course which taught and reviewed  various technical and safety skills and included an advanced course that consisted of multi-pitch instruction and advanced mountain medical rescue. Our goal is to have all of our guides certified through ACDI with skills that are held to the highest standards of safety.

The Bridge Charity is a collaborative effort between Terratribes and The Dalton Academy of the Affiliated High School of Beijing University.  This year The Bridge Charity sponsored 18 students from Getu Valley Regional Primary School to travel to Guilin and Yangshuo to experience the culture of Guilin and experience outdoor adventure from our Yangshuo base camp that will have a lasting impression on their educational development. Stay tuned for more updates from this fantastic charity event.

Education Programs

Terratribes specializes in leading experiential education programs for students of primary and secondary schools, and university travel programs. Our programs are personalized for each client by using their goals and objectives to design creative experiences that educate, challenge, and encourage students of all ages. 

Certified Training

As part of our commitment to raising the standard of outdoor guiding in China, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming certified trainers in valuable areas:

Wilderness First Aid


About Terratribes

Terratribes was founded in 2008 by two of China’s most experienced and passionate outdoor educators, Qin Qing Xiang and Sun Lingye. From our humble beginnings in Yangshuo, our programs have expanded to include locations throughout China.