Terratribes Educational Courses


Understand the knowledge of farming, experience farming, learn the values of hard work, communication, cooperation and problem-solving skills as a team.

Activity time: 2-4 hours

Farming experience


Agriculture has always been one of the main industries that contributes to society. It's difficult for modern kids to understand the process of agricultural planting, understand the laws of nature, and they rarely, if ever get the opportunity to experience field work. The goal of the traditional farming experience is to give children an idea of the perseverance required, an understanding of the hardships involved, and the chance to experience hard work. Additionally, they will develop the habits of diligence and thrift, and learn about the ecosystem and planting skills. Our instructor will prepare all farming tools and materials (seeds or seedlings, etc.), explain the safety operating procedures and requirements, and invite farmers with rich experience in local farms to explain the types of local plants, seasonality, farming methods, rules and other knowledge. This will allow the students to experience farming and gain a comprehensive understanding of local agricultural products.