Terratribes Educational Courses


Learning karst topography and geomorphology, learning knowledge of the formation principles of karst caves, learning cave biological species, training interest in natural sciences, problem-solving skills, training willpower, cultivating positive personality, and integrating into team life.
Activity time: 7 hours



Caving can teach people the geography knowledge of karst geomorphology, let them explore the formation of Guilin caves, stalactites, etc. It is the best activity if you want to understand how the environment was created, and the characteristics of the animals and plants in the caves. The dark cave environment is different from the normal sunlight environment. It is the biggest challenge for cavers.
The instructor will prepare helmets, headlights, ropes, and other equipment. After a detailed briefing about equipment usage and reminders of safety precautions, students will put on the equipment under the guidance and assistance of the instructors, and then enter the cave to explore. During this entire time, we will carry out the safety control and in-cave lectures.