Terratribes Educational Courses


rope skills, creativity, risk management, emergency response, team communication, and collaboration, cultivate a positive personality and work as a team.
Activity time: 2 hours

shelter building


Survival in the wild is very far away from our modern life. We will not blindly challenge the risks of the natural world for no reason. But cultivating a spirit of exploration and training emergency skills is not a bad thing in any era. Shelter building imitates the outdoor environment. We will provide students with a small amount of equipment and materials to establish a team's common goal (such as temporary shelter from the rain). Students need to have sufficient resource utilization skills, learn basic knots and shelter structures, and all members of their team need to work together to accomplish their mission.
Through the analysis of outdoor bad weather and natural environment conditions with the students, as well as the setting of the construction effect goal, the instructor guides the division of labor and collaboration, teaches the knotting method and the use of equipment functions, and provides enough space for students to think and create. Build a shelter for your own team.