Who is Terratribes

Terratribes was established in 2008 by a group of experienced outdoor guides. It is an organization that provides leading service programs in China and Asia, high-quality outdoor education, corporate events, adventure tourism, and professional qualification training. Terratribes has the relevant qualifications and certifications issued by international professional organizations. Our goal is to provide a safe, unforgettable and truly unique experience.

Terratribes Story

Yangshuo, Guangxi has unique outdoor resources and has been the Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world to experience activities such as rock climbing, kayaking on the Lijiang River, mountain biking, camping, hiking, caving and other activities. In 2000, outdoor education had just started in China, and many international school teachers chose Yangshuo as the first place for their students to have outdoor education courses. Because of their love for outdoor sports, Sun and Xiang, both from the southwestern minority areas of China, also came here to learn about outdoor education. They worked with outdoor educators from all over the world. They found that this experiential education model has a huge impact on people. Based on their trust and enthusiasm for this education model, Sun and Xiang founded the Terratribes in 2008.

Why Terratribes

Terratribes is a product of the collision between oriental culture and western educational ideas. Sun and Xiang have traveled in all provinces of China, and have also traveled to more than 30 countries around the world, including Antarctica. The founder's rich international vision and oriental cultural background make the product design of Terratribes different from ordinary tourism activities. They are also committed to meet the special needs of customers, so that guests can have happiness and inspiration, and eventually reach the goal of true education.

social impact

When Terratribes was founded, we wanted to give something back to society. In addition to the outdoor environmental protection philosophy it advocates, Terratribes also regards community service and assisting community development as the biggest purposes of the company. Over the years, we have continued to organize community service projects. In 2015, we established the "Bridge Public Service" with students from the school of Peking University Affiliated High School. The project, targeting the left-behind children from remote areas of Guizhou, or children from special family backgrounds. They participated in Terratribes\'s Yangshuo Camp for outdoor activities, giving those children the opportunity to get in touch with the outside world, expand their horizons, enrich their hearts, and establish connections with partners in other places. In the future, we will continue to work with more schools to run the "Bridge Public Service" project. We believe that outdoor education can change the future.

Terratribes Value

Terratribes consists of a group of people who love the outdoors and education. Who use their outdoor spirit to continuously serve our guests. When displaying the outdoor spirit of Terratribes, we let ourselves see more meaning in the company name. Its English name Terratribes perfectly presents to the public the values we pursue when serving customers
TERRA values not only enrich the company culture, but also help our customers achieve real self-development-THE TRIBES TO FIND YOUR TRUE SELF!

Terratribes team

Terratribes has a group of people who love Chinese culture, nature and outdoor adventures, from both home and abroad. Every member is passionate about experiential outdoor education. They are rich in outdoor experience, and have 4 or more years of higher education. They are experienced in outdoor education or related fields. Not only have all the members passed many kinds of vocational skills training and certification in developed countries, they also understand the essence of Eastern culture. They are an international team that combines Eastern culture with Western education. Only such a team with an international background can achieve the goal of the Terratribes Education Curriculum: to cultivate a global citizen with a spirit of exploration, willpower, social responsibility, creativity, communication, problem solving and leadership.

Terratribes Founders

SUN is not only the founder of the Terratribes, but also the first Chinese-language lead Instructor of the Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMAI). He has been to the United States and Canada for 6 consecutive years, to introduce the concept of "Wilderness Medicine" to China. He was also invited to teach Wilderness first aid courses at Princeton University and Bowden College in the United States. Because of his rich experience in wilderness first aid, he went to Antarctica as a medical consultant for the Antarctic expedition team of Shantou University in February 2014. Sun has traveled to many countries and is familiar with different forms of outdoor sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, surfing, and skiing. He was involved in the project management of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Committee.

XIANG has been engaged in climbing and outdoor sports education since 2004. He is not only the founder and manager of the Terratribes, but also an activity instructor and curriculum planner. Xiang has participated in the management and execution of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. He has undertaken climbing and climbing route development. He had exchange studies in Yangshuo, Beijing Baihe, Guizhou Gezhu, Yunnan, Sichuan and Xinjiang, as well as France, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Xiang is a member of CMDI and Kolon Mountaineering School and a instructor of the Wilderness Medical Associate International.

Terratribes Safety

Safety is the most basic requirement of Terratribes programs. We always consider it most important to improve the team leaders\' comprehensive capabilities and professional qualities to effectively make sure the participants are safe. We have a complete risk assessment, security plan and evacuation plan for each project. Terratribes requires our staff to complete all kinds of vocational skills training and certification such as wilderness first aid, rope skills, and water skills. To ensure that all active technical equipment must comply with UIAA, CE, or other industry certification. Terratribes organizes formal employee training twice a year, also with some informal training mixed in. We constantly update and preserve professional knowledge to ensure that the operating standards of the team leader meet the Terratribes standards. Terratribes is the only company in China with all its members having WMAI (Wilderness Medical Associate International) qualifications for wilderness first aid skills.


Terratribes is a group of people who love the outdoors and outdoor life. If you also like outdoor sports, then there is nothing better than joining Terratribes. It will bring you a wonderful life experience. Here you can learn all kinds of outdoor skills, learn outdoor education concepts, and gain international friendships. If your oral Chinese is not fluent enough, you can still work here. The demand for work will make your Chinese level improve by leaps and bounds. We look forward to working with people who love nature, love outdoor exploration and focus on youth growth education to achieve the self-development goals. Terratribes! THE TRIBES TO FIND YOUR TRUE SELF!