Terratribes Sample Programs


Best seasons: June to August
Best group size: 10 to 30
Ages: 7-18
Highlights: Outdoor adventure, nature exploration,culture awareness, environment care


Knots, Climbing ability, Belaying, River reading, Hiking, Caving, Camping , High rope skills, Canyoning, Navigation, Food Preparation and Cooking, Local handicraft, Leave No Trace Methods & Ethics, Self care,


Character, Communication, Empathy, Independence, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Self Confidence, Team Living



Terratribes Yangshuo Education Camp is located near the Li River, 15 kilometers south of Yangshuo County, away from noisy tourist attractions and close to local living areas. You can eat, live, and do activities in the camp. Whether it is youth camp education, a special outdoor barbecue party for corporate activities, or a parent-child nature intimate journey, the simple camp life is there for you to be closer to nature, experience the outdoors and relax.

Yangshuo Summer Camp Classic


D1 Course start, welcome and introductions, course overview
Environment care lesson-Leave No Trace workshop/Campsite setup
Night walk and discovery the insects
Camping/Hut options

D2 Shelter building and Eco farm (Servival skills, knots, farm skills and teamwork)
Rock challenge (Use of gears, knot skills, belay skills and team encouragement)
The camp chef lesson: hand-made wood fire pizza making
Camping/hut options

D3 Section 1: Orienteering skills development. Map reading, compass instruction and teamwork
Section 2: Orienteering skills practice in real, orienteering hike in small group with use of map and compass alone the Karst river
Camping/Hut options

D4 Rope skills (Zip-line, abseiling and team achievement)
Bamboo Catapult Creation (Knots, creation, teamwork, water balloons fun)
Camping/hut options

D5 Culture awareness and achievement (Hand fan painting with local master)
Explore the mysterious Karst cave in the dark

D6 Canyoning and nature exploration (Canyoning skills, insets and Plants watching, teamwork)
Canyoning and nature exploration (Canyoning skills, insets and Plants watching, teamwork)
Camping/Hut options

D7 Trip Reflection
Course end. Departure home
Sharing is Caring