Terratribes Sample Programs


Best seasons: January to December
Best group size: 10 to 30
Ages: 12-18
Highlights: Outdoor adventure, culture awareness, environment care


Knots, Climbing ability, Belaying, Basic first aid, Outdoor Emergencies, Camping Food Preparation and Cooking, Local handicraft, Leave No Trace Methods & Ethics, Self care


Character, Communication, Leadership, Positive Risk Taking, Empathy, Independence, Problem Solving, Resilience, Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Self Confidence, Team Living




Located in the south of China, bordering Vietnam, Yunnan province, Guizhou province, Hunan province, Guangdong province and The South China Sea, Guangxi is famous for its Karst peaks, meandering rivers, beaches and unique cultures exhibited through The Zhuang and many other minority people. Guangxi\'s famous limestone karsts make its scenery some of the most breathtaking in China. These stunning karsts and limestone formations occupy over half of the total area of Guangxi. Guangxi is a premier destination for outdoor adventurers and travelers in China. With great weather throughout the year we can organize activities for all four seasons.


D1 Course start, welcome and introductions, course overview
Environment care lesson-Leave No Trace workshop/Campsite setup
Camping/Hut options

D2 Rock challenge (Use of gears, knot skills, belay skills and team encouragement)
The camp chef lesson: hand-made wood fire pizza making
Camping/hut options

D3 Rock challenge (climbing technique, belay, safety management, communication skill practice)
Camping/Hut options

D4 Wilderness first aid course
Camping/hut options

D5 Lead climbing ( lead technique, lead climbing belay, safety management and communication)
Camping/Hut options

D6 Climbing marathon ( top rope, lead climbing and all skills review)
Camping/Hut options

D7 Culture awareness and achievement (Hand fan painting with local master)
The camp chef lesson: Local market visiting and camp food cooking
Camping/Hut options

D8 Culture awareness and achievement (Treasure hunt on West Street)
Course end. Departure home
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