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6 Reasons to Try Canyoning

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1 Canyoning The Newest Extreme Sport

Canyoning is something people have been doing for decades, as a means for survival. Our ancestors spent time living near the rivers for water, food, and a means to travel.

Today, canyoning is not used for survival tactics per se, but to fulfill the human need to explore our world around us, making it one of the newest extreme sports. By exploring the inside of the canyon, you will view the beauty of mother nature from a totally different perspective.


2 You Don't Have to Be Super Fit

Your physical fitness level needs to be in sync with the difficulty of the canyon. There are some cases where the canyon's terrain and height are less difficult, providing an opportunity for those who are not in great physical fitness to participate. Whereas some canyons take days to complete and of course your fitness levels must be greater.


These same canyons allow for children, and it is down to your highly-qualified instructor to determine which is best suited. The best way to get stronger and fitter to canyon is to, well, canyon! Your skills and confidence grow with your practice, so it’s normal not to be an expert when starting off. In fact, for some it's not about being an expert it's purely for the fun or the adrenaline rush. Through the practice of canyoning consistently, you’ll gain strength and stamina. You’ll also learn more about the equipment and which is best for a variety of activities.

3 The Equipment is Easy to Learn

If you’re not familiar with the gear at all, canyon guides teach you how to use it properly, and the gear is not hard to understand. Canyoning uses ropes that differ from climbing ropes, as they aren’t dynamic and have very little stretch, unlike climbing rope which is designed to stretch. Some specially designed ropes repel water, keeping it nice and light. The correct equipment makes it easier on your body, and deploying different techniques can can save you some of your vital energy. Saving energy is great as it can really enhance your adventure. While on the subject of energy take a look at Canyoning and Nutrition (coming soon).

Other pieces of equipment that are significant for this sport are:

  canyon bags,

  harnesses,

  helmets,

  dry bags,

  carabiners,

  descenders,

  ascenders,

  suitable gloves,

  shoes.

Last but not least what about the clothes you should wear:

  • The wetsuit for a wet canyon or
  • rugged clothing for the harshness of a rocky canyon.

Equipment specifically meant for canyoning is designed to keep you safe and comfortable and user-friendly. If you are new to canyoning you will want to keep things safe yet straightforward.


4 Beautiful Places, Off the Beaten Track

One of the greatest reasons to take up canyoning apart from the thrill or the adrenaline rush, is discovery; discovering beautiful places in the world that most will not see. Originally discovered by our ancestors trekking downstream, or hiking to their next place of settlement, these caverns served as resting places for our fellow man.


The inside of the cavern or canyon is unknown and awaits you with scenery you have never seen before. The beautiful layers of rock sculptured and forged over time by water tell a story about the age of the earth.  The waterfalls plunge into deeply carved pools and mix with some of the most crystal-clear water on the planet.

To add to this, some canyons have places where the sunbeams shine through broken rocks, casting shadows on the sides, making colorful displays across the canyon floors. Rainbows arc their way over the tumbling water in the fine mist that swirls around.

Experiencing this nature is rare and can only be done by the sport of canyoning.


5 Meeting New People

This extreme sport is reliant on having a team of people. Having a buddy system is important to prevent injury, get help in case of an unforeseen circumstance, support and experience the adventure with!

You'll have to rely on and trust people you may not know. Descending into beautiful mother earth together builds a bond and establishes friendships as no other sport does. Sharing that moment with others is an awesome way to provoke camaraderie and good feelings personally.

These bonds you build you'll have for life and most find themselves ending up booking more tours with the same people.


6 Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most rewarding things you do. You may have seen signs of this, for example, when a person has a smile from ear to ear or beams with pride at their accomplishment.

Canyoning is a great introduction to the world of extreme sports. If you have spent ample time hiking and swimming, this is the best way to add thrill to your outdoor activities. With the proper education, preparation, and canyon guide, your experience will reap major benefits.

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