Terratribes Educational Courses

Educational goals

Understand the pizza culture, experience the pizza making process, a sense of accomplishment, cultivate a positive personality, and work as a team.
Activity time: 4 hours


TEC-Pizza making4

Pizza is an important part of our modern diet. Most people have tasted pizza, but a lot of people don’t understand the pizza making process. The Terratribe Firewood Pizza Course has the most original pizza making process. Our instructors will guide the students, from the preparation of raw materials such as flour, weighing and yeast distribution, to the kneading process, the preparation of pizza sauce, cheese and other ingredients, to the baking process, until a complete pizza is on the table. We let students understand and master a whole set of pizza making skills through experiential learning. This course is not only a comprehensive study of a craft, but also the best way to cultivate students' concentration, sense of accomplishment, and dining culture.

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