Terratribes Educational Courses

Educational goals

Rope skills, team division, and collaboration, development of creativity, sharing the sense of accomplishment, problem-solving skills, leadership, cultivating positive character, and integrating into team life.
Activity time: 4 hours



Bamboo rafts play an important role in survival in the wilderness. Bamboo rafts can be used as a means of transportation, which is fast and energy-saving when going down the river; bamboo rafts can be used as a river crossing tool to help us reach the destination smoothly; bamboo rafts can also be used as a Fish catching tool provide us with food. Therefore, learning bamboo rafting in the wilderness is an important skill for survival in the wilderness. After the bamboo raft made by the team, did we feel the strength of the team when we rode on it?
Bamboo rafting is a team activity. The instructor will teach knotting skills, bamboo raft structure, and guide the division of labor, discussion, and creation of each group. The guide will also conduct water sports management to ensure that the team members are safe while creating.

Sharing is Caring